Who We Serve: Ford & Lincoln Dealers

What Makes Packer Norris Parts The
Right Choice For Ford & Lincoln Dealers?

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At Packer Norris Parts we consider our role as a MRD servicing other Ford & Lincoln Dealers as more than just a role… We consider it a responsibility!

As a MRD we have made a significant investment to have the parts that you and your customers need to get their vehicle(s) back on the road quickly.

Packer Norris Parts is continuously looking for ways to improve the level of service that we provide to our Ford & Lincoln Dealership Customers.  Through improved communications and better logistical analysis we have been able to make adjustments to order cut-off times and delivery schedules in certain areas – resulting in more time to order parts and still receive them in time for you and/or your customer to complete the repair the same day.
Our latest enhancement to better serve you is the addition of our Internet Parts Ordering (IPO) capabilities.  Now rather than relying on the parts locator (which is only as good as the most recent inventory update – typically twice per day), you have access to real-time inventory availability.  You can enter (even copy & paste) up to 72 part numbers at one time and get immediate availability and even submit an order – while you are still talking to your customer or service technician - without even having to pick up the phone.  That means improved productivity for you and your customers!
We invite your feedback to share thoughts and ideas on how we can be of more value to you when it comes to providing a better level of service and increased parts availability.

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